About Marathon Messiah's Praise



Marathon Praise is an international worship and praise event that holds non-stop for over three days in different venues across the globe. The successes recorded thus far has been by the help of God.

At the inception, it was just a single venue and platform where thousands of both live and online participants raised their voices in worship and lifted hands in praise of the Almighty God. From 2016 when the event went global, it increased to three platforms in three different countries and became the first musical event in the world that will virtually connect stages in different countries and create both live and virtual worship experience at the same time. However, 76 Hours will be taking a different dimension as Nigeria will hold full 76 Hours non-stop without sharing the stage with other countries, while countries outside Nigeria will share 76 Hours among themselves.

Awesome Testimonies

After the just concluded 74hours Marathon Messiah's Praise, I went on to write an exam and God gave me success and He also opened a door of expansion unto me. His praises shall continually be in my mouth. Praise God!
- Abinde Dare
I went for an interview the Monday after the just concluded 74hours Marathon Messiah's Praise. I got the job; after so many months of seeking for it, the GOD OF ADEBOYE did it. Who did it? Jesus! oh my God! WOW!
On the 7th of March, when i got to work after the just concluded 74hours Marathon Messiah's Praise, my boss told me that for the next five years I should not worry about my school fees because he has given me a scholarship
- Oluwafemi Adunmo