MY ONE WEEK LEAVE: The story of a 75 hours Marathon Messiah’s Praise Worshiper

My one week leave: The story of a 75 Hrs Marathon Messiah’s Praise Worshiper

When I hear of great people in life, I not only desire to be like them, but I also learn from their ways

However, some great men are exceptional, they are special and they are not just great

While the greatness of some expires in this world, these other great men, theirs are eternal

That is why I cherish them the more, for an eternal greatness is more admirable to me

More admirable than the greatness that will vanish with the sand of time

For they are like the glory of the flowers, the flowers of the field, which wither and perish

These great men I desire most are the ones chosen by God, the Almighty God

If you check their lives, you will wonder and call them mere men like all

But don’t get it wrong, they are men, but unlike men, for they have encountered eternity

They have wined with the hosts of eternity, they have drank of the cup from the throne of grace

They have tasted and they still taste, of meals and diets of eternity, so they are unlike men

You may want to ask me, what made them different? Humanly speaking, my explanations may not

My explanations may not satisfy your curiosity, but there is one sure thing I can confidently tell you

The Sovereignty of the Almighty God

That unquestionable reality of God to do as He pleases with whomever He pleases, that’s what am talking about, that’s the qualifier.

Friends, I have given out myself to honour the Almighty God on behalf of one of these great men of our age, a man whose life is a perfect definition of the unquestionable act of God, a man that God has given as a blessing to the world. Am glad I will be part of those who will praise God on behalf of Pst. E.A. Adeboye, General Overseer, RCCG. Am glad am alive in his time. Am glad I have taken one week leave to worship and praise the Almighty God during the forth-coming 75Hours Marathon Messiah’s Praise starting on the 27th of Feb. 2017 at the Redemption. Join me to praise the Sovereign God.

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