Still, the praises of the God of Adeboye @ 74 goes on….

Michael Onofeghara led a team of four worshippers at the 57th hour of the Marathon Praise with songs such as Idi Ebube, My God so good, and so much more. The entire house was filled with God’s glory and I can’t deny being carried away from my amebo task especially when auditorium became extremely anointed with God’s presence while voices of thanks went up and everyone declared the power of Christ’s majesty.  It is absolutely unbelievable that the Messiah’s praise continues to go higher and higher yet deeper with each Minister and every song. It was indeed a session to be part of as Michael led all into deeper depths of worship and praise. If I can bring this to your mind in word, I would say it was simple terrific!

210Sis Sola Thani took the stage with heartrending worship songs such as All hail the power of Jesus name, On Christ the solid Rock I stand and leads the way into amazing praise session….what one of my friends call “alujo” meaning beat to dance to. You know the kind of praises, beats and power that can keep the whole house up. Just at a point I thought Hezekiah Walker has entered the auditorium when she hit the song Every praise to our God. You know what ehn? If I was just joining this 74 hours MMPraise, I would simply conclude it has just started like a few minutes back. Lights and sounds blaring at world-class quality with the venue filled to the brim. An unarguably powerful event that announced itself to passers-by along the expressway yet was held indoors. With her dazzling white kaftan gown, with flared arms like wings, she continued to take worshippers to increasing heights of glorious praise in the company of her four-ladies and one-man back up singers. The kind of praise that you don’t feel the need to rush out of His presence, you settle to bask in the euphoria of His glory till whenever time can last is what is going on here. You see cups of coffee in hands to stay awake, or you think they don’t sleep nor slumber?…you must be kidding. Eyes are wide awake with a just a few shutting theirs in sleep, perhaps the coffee can’t hold the body all day long.

Bidemi Olaoba welcomed the new day at 12am midnight which marked the 59 th hour of the MMPraise. He introduced a new style which was easy at first with spiritual talks on how worship should but gradually went to some powerful tunes such as Ija do pin, ogun si tan, wo inu mi o oro, ko wa bami so meaning come into me the Word of God. Those songs that can’t be sung with unserious minds continued to pour and I could see several people already lying on their faces in worship, on bended knees in adoration of the God of Adeboye. He thereby hit it right on the head when he sang …Olorun agbaye o, You are mighty! The whole auditorium could contain the power that came in and I (yours sincerely) needed grace to continue in this aproko business I have embraced.

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