About Marathon Messiah's Praise



Volunteers Praise Team consists of various individuals who have registered to volunteer to be part of our praise team during the program. It is a group that is made up of anointed, passionate and addicted worshippers from various class of gospel ministers including established gospel ministers, fast rising worship leaders and upcoming gospel ministers.

Volunteers Praise Team started from 73 Hours Marathon Messiah’s Praise and they have been a huge blessing to many lives through their ministrations.

From 73 Hours when they started, till 75 Hours VPT features at the opening ministrations of Marathon Praise. They also minister subsequently at several intervals on all the days of Marathon Messiah’s Praise. They also lead the ministration at the closing hour of Marathon Messiah’s Praise.

To ensure smooth and perfect ministration, VPT undergo series of rehearsals from December to early February before they arrive for camping three days before the kick-off of Marathon Messiah’s Praise.


The media unit consists of volunteers who works alongside the Marathon Messiah’s Praise media team in various capacities. They include: Content/Social Media, video editing, blogging, photography, graphics design, etc.
They work to ensure smooth online broadcast of Marathon Messiah’s Praise during the programme so that our audience outside the venue have a wonderful worship experience. Among our volunteers are professional digital/social media marketing experts, PR professionals, bloggers, professional graphics artists and photographers, copywriters, professional video editors, etc.



Volunteers in this unit are standing in the gap in the place of prayer during Marathon Messiah’s Praise. Over the years, God has blessed us with passionate and dedicated prayer warriors who find it a pleasure and honour to tarry for several days in the presence of God throughout the duration of Marathon Messiah’s Praise. They pray for the manifestation of the power and glory of God during the programme. They intercede for invited worship leaders, worshippers, the protocol team, volunteers, production crew, organizers, and other stakeholders working during the event. They pray round the clock for the success of Marathon Messiah’s Praise and for the outpouring of God’s grace, mercy and blessings upon all volunteers, participants and everyone at large.


Volunteers in this unit work to ensure cleanliness at the venue throughout the event and in the accommodation provided. People in this unit have since the inception of Marathon Messiah’s Praise displayed their unrelenting passion for God’s service by working in some of the uncourteous places at the most difficult times. Keeping the unkempt places hygienic, making the venue conducive for worship, keeping the hostels tidy and ensuring that everywhere around the venue looks great have always been their passion and preoccupation.



Volunteers in the welfare unit are responsible for the hospitality and feeding of participants, expertise and other volunteers at the program. They also ensure fair distribution of welfare materials to respective units and groups. From kitchen to dining halls and sometimes to the market, the love of God and His service have been the motivation of these highly dedicated group of people to work tirelessly to contribute their own quota to the success of the programme.


Medical Volunteers assist and work alongside medical practitioners in providing first aid and other medical services at the venue of the programme throughout the entire duration. With the required first aid and other medical equipment, as well as an ambulance and drugs at their disposal, they attend to any situation that requires medical attention on the spot while referral is made to the nearest hospital in the event of emergencies which have been rare since inception. We have been privileged to have medical students and practicing medical professionals who have been passionately using their skills, experience and expertise to serve the Lord in this unit over the years.